Commitment to citizens

Corporate social responsibility (CSR), or “responsible management“, is part of PASSERINVEST GROUP’s everyday functioning. For us, CSR is a tool that helps us enhance our reputation, both at an economic level as well as a social and ecological level, and strengthen our credibility, resulting in increased attractiveness and visibility for investors, which in turn stabilizes our position on the market.

We feel a commitment to civil society, which is reflected in our participation in many social projects and our support of a number of charitable organizations. We work to support and maintain our internal and external relationships. On the basis of regular satisfaction surveys, we also adapt the Brumlovka´s services based on the needs of our tenants and Prague 4 rezidents.

Through its activities, PASSERINVEST GROUP, a.s. makes every effort to bring its clients sustainable solutions and minimalize its impact on the environment. Environmental issues and goals are part of our business decisions. All our projects take into consideration the people that work there or visit them, and the environment.