Passerinvest Group is a purely Czech development and investment company, which was founded by Radim Passer back in 1991 and ever since then it has acquired extensive experience with the construction of office and commercial buildings and residential projects.

Since 1996, the company, as a responsible urban developer, has primarily been connected with the locality Brumlovka (former BB Centrum) in Prague 4. It is one of the most successful and extensive urban projects not only in the Czech Republic, but in all of Europe from the perspective of development projects built by a single investor. So far, Passerinvest Group has invested almost 16 billion crowns, 1.6 billion of which was invested into non-profit projects that are used by the general public (schools, public greenery, sports facilities and urban infrastructure, safety, ecology).

In 2006, Passerinvest Group entered the city district of Roztyly – the former Interlov complex in Prague 11. Since then, the company has been working on partial changes to the zoning plan so that it can transform the unkempt brownfield (devastated following the construction of the metro) into a functional and user-friendly section of the city district, combining residential housing with public parks, diverse services and an office function, but also a residential park on the edge of Krč Forest.

Passerinvest Group enjoys a very good reputation, which it built both on the domestic and the international scenes. This is not only to the credit of the quality of the realised projects and the high level of the provided services, but also due to the building blocks of the company culture, which include a sense of fair play, a close relation with business partners and responsibility to society and to the environment.

The principles of urban construction and the long-term sustainable development of Prague and the Czech Republic are an integral part of Passerinvest Group’s vision. Thus, in 2017 the company introduced a new conception of a solution for the transportation infrastructure in the Czech Republic, which is considers to be of key importance for ensuring the country’s prosperity beyond the year 2038. In 2021 the company brought the other iniciation “The Building’s Development for a richer republic”, that support the further development within the Czech Republic.

Passerinvest Group regularly places in the leading positions in the Czech Top 100 rankings.