6. 2. 2019

You will enjoy good food in BB Centrum in February

After Christmas, we all entered the New Year rested and full of new energy. We gradually started to lose that over time, however, and it is necessary to renew it. You can do so at any of BB Centrum’s February events, which are held by PASSERINVEST GROUP and are meant for the general public and the tenants of the office buildings. Stop by BB Centrum!

7. 2. An Evening of Travel on the theme of Morocco

14. 2. The sweet life in BB Centrum

28. 2. Masopust Carnival in BB Centrum

The weather behind the window is still wintery, the sun only makes an appearance sometimes, almost like an afterthought, and there is still a long way to go until summer. When it is not possible to enjoy summer temperatures outside, visitors to BB Centrum will at least be able to transport themselves to a warmer clime through a travel lecture. In another of the popular Evenings of Travel held on Thursday, 7 February in KOBE restaurant, photographer and traveller Jana Kupčáková will take the listeners to sunny Morocco and show them the beauty of the seacoast, the arid desert and, for example, the loud traditional bazaars.

The following week, those who enjoy sweet confections will come into their own. On 14 February there will be a celebration of Saint Valentine’s Day on Brumlovka Square in BB Centrum. Starting from eleven o’clock until six in the evening there will be stands with sweet refreshments, tasty beverages and a wide assortment of flowers available for visitors, who will also find a thematic photo booth, live music and an accompanying programme for children.

The end of the month will be in the colours of the Masopust Carnival, which will get underway on Thursday, 28 February on Brumlovka Square. There will be stands with genuine Masopust food in the form of fried jelly doughnuts or potato pancakes, along with other popular traditional snacks and beverages connected with this festivity on the eve of spring. Children will be able to decorate their own carnival masks and even dance in them a bit during the Carnival celebrations. Jakub Xavier Baro will play on his guitar for visitors, both young and old, who can also look forward to a clown performance.

You can find more information and an overview of events on BB Centrum’s Facebook page.

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About the investor

PASSERINVEST GROUP, a. s. is a purely Czech development and investment company, whose name is primarily connected with the realisation of the multifunctional BB Centrum complex in Prague 4 – Michle. The company, established by Radim Passer in 1991, built a very good reputation both on a local and international level with this, the most successful and extensive project of its kind in Central Europe. This is not only to the credit of the quality of the realised projects and the high level of the provided services, but also due to the sense of fair play, an accommodating relationship with the buildings’ tenants/users and responsibility to the society and the environment. PASSERINVEST GROUP also has other interesting development projects in its portfolio.

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Passerinvest Group (hereinafter Passerinvest) is a purely Czech builder and investor. The company was founded by Radim Passer back in 1991 and has since then acquired a lot of experience in the construction of office and commercial buildings, residential buildings and civic amenities.
Since 1998, Passerinvest, as a responsible urban developer, has primarily been connected with Brumlovka (BB Centrum) in Prague 4, which is one of the most successful and extensive urban projects not only in the Czech Republic, but throughout all of Europe. Another important project in the company’s portfolio is Nové Roztyly, a brownfield of the former slaughterhouses of the Interlov complex where, in the future, a place with pleasant housing with a large park should arise, complemented by services for the general public and an office function. The principles of urban construction and the long-term sustainable development of Prague and the Czech Republic are part of Passerinvest Group’s vision. Thanks to its responsible approach, Passerinvest has built a very good reputation both on a domestic and on an international level. This is not only to the credit of the quality of the realised projects and the high level of the provided services, but also to the sense of fair play, a customer approach and also its responsibility to the society and the environment.