7. 2. 2018

PASSERINVEST Group makes largest financial transaction on the property market

Passerinvest BBC 2, part of the PASSERINVEST Group, concluded the largest financial transaction in the group’s history and one of the largest transactions in the area of office buildings ever in the Czech Republic. A portfolio of prime office buildings in Prague’s BB Centrum was created within Passerinvest BBC 2, including the ALPHA, BETA, DELTA and G buildings with a total leasable area of 80,000 m². The group received club financing from Česká Spořitelna and Komerční banka in the amount of 175 million euros for the refinancing of the expenses connected with the acquisition of these properties.


 “In terms of volume, this transaction ranks among the largest transactions concluded on the commercial property financing market in the Czech Republic last year. Thus, we are continuing in the long-term strategy to purchase and administer the PASSERINVEST Group’s real estate portfolio,” stated Radim Passer, the founder and General Director of PASSERINVEST GROUP, a.s. 


Over the course of its more than 25 years of operations on the local real estate market, the PASSERINVEST Group has shown that it stands on a firm foundation. In recent years it has expanded considerably and from a developer’s standpoint it has also become an investment company.

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About the Developer


PASSERINVEST GROUP, a.s., founded in 1991 by Radim Passer, is a purely Czech development and investment company whose name is associated in particular with the BB Centrum multifunctional complex in Prague 4 – Michle. With this project, the most successful and extensive Czech project of its type, the company has built its excellent reputation both at home and at the international level. Contributing to this is not only the high quality of the projects completed to date, but also its high level of service, its sense of fair play, its positive relationship with the tenants and users of its buildings, and its sense of responsibility towards society and the environment. PASSERINVEST GROUP’sportfolio includes other interesting development projects.


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Head of PR and Marketing department

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Passerinvest Group (hereinafter Passerinvest) is a purely Czech builder and investor. The company was founded by Radim Passer back in 1991 and has since then acquired a lot of experience in the construction of office and commercial buildings, residential buildings and civic amenities.
Since 1998, Passerinvest, as a responsible urban developer, has primarily been connected with Brumlovka (BB Centrum) in Prague 4, which is one of the most successful and extensive urban projects not only in the Czech Republic, but throughout all of Europe. Another important project in the company’s portfolio is Nové Roztyly, a brownfield of the former slaughterhouses of the Interlov complex where, in the future, a place with pleasant housing with a large park should arise, complemented by services for the general public and an office function. The principles of urban construction and the long-term sustainable development of Prague and the Czech Republic are part of Passerinvest Group’s vision. Thanks to its responsible approach, Passerinvest has built a very good reputation both on a domestic and on an international level. This is not only to the credit of the quality of the realised projects and the high level of the provided services, but also to the sense of fair play, a customer approach and also its responsibility to the society and the environment.