13. 6. 2005


The modern sports centre of Nová Brumlovka is presently entering a new phase. The first part of the preparatory work including the inevitable clearance of the old building has come to an end. All efforts are currently aiming at the erection of a new building which is to start in September this year. By the end of the year 2007, the sports facility of Nová Brumlovka will have been built in the same place in compliance with the urban general plan that defines this area as that dedicated to sports. The construction of the Nová Brumlovka centre is being prepared and financed by the BB C – Nová Brumlovka, a. s. project-pursuing company in which the companies of PASSERINVEST GROUP, a. s. and MULTIPROJEKT GROUP, a. s. have joined their forces as shareholders, resuming their successful cooperation in the initial development of the area dealt with by the development project of BB Centrum – Jih comprising also Nová Brumlovka. BB C – Nová Brumlovka, a. s. has already concluded a demanding competition of tenders for the future professional operator who is now cooperating on the final conception of Nová Brumlovka. Excavation work (trenching) carried out by the Metrostav, a.s. company is under progress now. Tenders for the general supplier of the construction have been invited. The erection is to be initiated in September 2005.

The competition of tenders for the operator took a relatively long time. The operation of a modern wellness centre is a very specific activity. In the effort to chose the very best operator, foreign companies were also contacted. Nevertheless, a foreign partner would have had to map out the Czech market first, which would increase both the financial and time-related costs. Firms that had considered the Czech Republic before and the Czech company Factory Pro pursuing its activities in the given field since 1999 thus found themselves in play. “Many operators offered good conceptions, however, the business aspects appeared rather poor,” says the marketing manager Zbyněk Passer. “The Factory Pro company finally proved to be the best in terms of both economic and professional competencies. It has made a considerable progress, gaining new experience in the last few years, as well as during the competition of tenders.”

Based on the mutual discussions with the future operator and his requirements, a study with a project documentation is being prepared. It can already be anticipated that the new centre will include a spacious fitness centre, spinning room, aerobics room, multi-purpose rooms, squash courts, as well as a standard 25-metre swimming pool. The functional locations of the respective shops and service facilities on the ground floor of the Nová Brumlovka building have already been set as well. The facilities will include an Italian restaurant, vegetarian open-air restaurant, sports bar, tobacconist’s, hairdresser’s salon, beauty parlour and sports shop. The Czech Post has also shown an interest in establishing a branch office at the premises. The total area of Nová Brumlovka will be about 5,000 square metres and the costs of the project implementation are estimated to reach CZK 300 million (depending on the final concept obviously). “It is also important that the premises will be open to the public; the financial conditions of its use will be based on the actual spending power of local people,” says Zbyněk Passer. “Numerous wellness conceptions are based on strict membership requirements, with the user becoming a member after paying a yearly subscription and then attending the facility. Czech people, however, have not got used to this system yet. Our research also indicates that they prefer a completely free membership, i.e. lump-sum payments for concrete services or exercises. Factory Pro met the demand also in this respect, which contributed to its winning the competition of tenders.”

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Kristýna Samková

Head of PR and Marketing department

Kamila Žitňáková

Crest Communications a.s.


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