26. 4. 2007


The three-storey Building Brumlovka has been designed primarily for sport purposes and, in addition, it offers some complementary services. It is located in Vyskočilova Street, between buildings Alpha and Beta. Parking for visitors to the centre is available in a three level underground garage, apart from on-street parking places in Vyskočilova Street. There are two easy-access lifts linking the underground car park with the first and second floors. The first basement houses a car wash available to the general public. Besides staircases, there is a lift adapted for wheelchair users and serving all the floors. The uniform signage system of the building provides easy direction and orientation to visitors.

The shopping mall on the underground has been designed to facilitate the flow of people and provide relaxation. It is accessible from the area between Brumlovka and Building Alpha through the side entrance. The main purpose of the mall is to create a pleasant environment in the roofed area outside particular retail units, which are the main servicing facilities of BB Centrum. We paid meticulous attention to the application of natural materials throughout the building and the ground floor is a shining example, with natural stone flooring materials (quartz rock), a perforated metal suspended ceiling with integrated colour light recesses, all-glass shop windows, fashionable colour towel-on coating on the walls and other features. Linked with the ground floor via moving staircases, the second above ground floor houses the reception of the sports facility, along with the future entrance to the planned pedestrian bridge over the busy Vyskočilova Street.

The substantial part of the second above ground floor, together with the whole area of the third above ground floor, belongs to the wellness and fitness club, Balance Club Brumlovka. The second floor also houses children’s playing area, which is – thanks to its glass door – visually linked to the public space. The reception area of the club is situated on the second floor and has timber wall lining complete with walls decorated in corporate colours, a reception counter made of timber strips, as well as natural stone flooring and other natural materials. The reception area provides an opportunity to deposit valuables in safes, integrated in the timber wall lining and fitted with chip locks.

Airy changing rooms with showers are used by a great number of visitors. In view of this, their finish must meet demanding requirements for resistance and endurance. The changing rooms feature full-length mirrors, shelves and wall-mount hairdryers. In addition to full-length mirrors, the walls are lined with timber and covered with information boards.

Leaving the changing room behind and using one of the two entrances, you get into the fitness gym or the aqua zone near the swimming pool. As for the fitness hall, it has been designed with a gallery, partially on two levels. The colour scheme of the walls has been chosen to help you get your bearings. There is a heavy duty carpet running along the entire length of the hall. Horizontal strip windows allow the penetration of natural light into the interior. Besides, there is a sports bar for refreshments and relaxation.

The twenty-five-metre swimming pool is accessible via a naturally-lit, wide staircase from the changing rooms. It is divided into two parts, with one of them designed for conditioning swimming in designated lanes, while the other serves recreational purposes, with massage jets and showers, as well as a whirlpool, the illumination of the pool and other attractive amenities. There is a bench made of tropical timber strips along the wall and some comfortable deck chairs around the pool. The swimming pool area is naturally lit through the glazed north façade and a small atrium (in the middle of the disposition). Leaving the pool behind, or walking through the fitness zone, visitors get to a couple of solariums.

On the boundary between the swimming pool area and the relaxation zone, there is another bar to provide refreshments and relaxation to the visitors to either of the places. You can find deck chairs arranged in the area with wood-strip flooring, along with two sauna cabins, a circular steam bath with luminescent ceiling stars, a circular aromatherapy bath with fragrant herbs, a Kneipp cure bath with massage stones, classical showers, sauna circular showers and other amenities. In addition, there is a relaxation zone with a separate entrance only for ladies.

The aerobics and spinning halls are situated on the third floor. They have wooden floors, horizontal strip windows and provide ample space for aerobic exercises. There is a raised platform for an instructor in the large hall.

The plaza deck on the part of the roof offers a Japanese sauna and a sun deck with wooden strips for sunbathing. The plaza deck is accessible from the third above ground floor via a staircase and through a small atrium, which allows the penetration of natural light to the middle of the disposition. Green vegetation and soft illumination in the evening hours give the finishing touches to the environment. There is a view of the city from the highest accessible point of the plaza deck.

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Passerinvest Group (hereinafter Passerinvest) is a purely Czech builder and investor. The company was founded by Radim Passer back in 1991 and has since then acquired a lot of experience in the construction of office and commercial buildings, residential buildings and civic amenities.
Since 1998, Passerinvest, as a responsible urban developer, has primarily been connected with Brumlovka (BB Centrum) in Prague 4, which is one of the most successful and extensive urban projects not only in the Czech Republic, but throughout all of Europe. Another important project in the company’s portfolio is Nové Roztyly, a brownfield of the former slaughterhouses of the Interlov complex where, in the future, a place with pleasant housing with a large park should arise, complemented by services for the general public and an office function. The principles of urban construction and the long-term sustainable development of Prague and the Czech Republic are part of Passerinvest Group’s vision. Thanks to its responsible approach, Passerinvest has built a very good reputation both on a domestic and on an international level. This is not only to the credit of the quality of the realised projects and the high level of the provided services, but also to the sense of fair play, a customer approach and also its responsibility to the society and the environment.