13. 8. 2015

BookBooth (Knihobudka) at BB Centrum

BB Centrum has a new addition. This time, however, it’s not a new building – but rather a BookBooth. This new public library, located in an old phone booth, had its gala opening in Baar Park. People can borrow books, exchange books, or just read a book while sitting in the park or in one of the local cafés or restaurants – free of charge.

Thanks to the BookBooth, visitors to Baar Park, BB Centrum tenants, as well as the general public can rediscover “lost” books from their youth, get to know new authors, or just release books from their dusty bookshelves at home. The BookBooth has one simple “non-rule”: users can bring and take away books of their choice without checking them in or out. “We believe that people know how to behave. They know what’s right and what’s not, so we don’t worry about the fate of our books,” said Monika Serbusová, co-founder of the BookBooth/Knihobudka project.

“We love to support good ideas, and we think the BookBooth is a great combination of the desire to discover new and interesting services for BB Centrum and the general public and supporting a positive attitude towards literature. The BookBooth is a wonderful addition to Baar Park, and books will be easily accessible to all here,” said Vendula Malochová, Marketing Manager for PASSERINVEST GROUP, in praise of the phone booth repurposing project. 

“We’re delighted that our eleventh BookBooth is situated in such a nice location as Baar Park in BB Centrum. I think it’s definitely one of the prettiest places we’ve placed a BookBooth so far. We also enjoyed working with the PASSERINVEST GROUP team, who assisted with the installation. We hope that the BookBooth will be well-used here,” added Pavel Železný, co-founder of the BookBooth project.

BookBooth is a non-profit project that started in 2013 with the support of Telefónica O2’s “Think Big” programme. Since that time, the BookBooth team has repurposed 11 old phone booths and inspired other enthusiasts to produce a number of public libraries throughout the Czech Republic, enlivening public spaces.

BB Centrum is one of the largest and most successful developments in the Czech Republic. It’s not just an administrative centre, however – BB Centrum is a multifunctional complex with a full range of civic amenities, offering housing and employment opportunities, relaxation, education, as well as cultural activities. This year, BB Centrum was the site of Children’s Day celebrations, a concert by MIG 21, and at the end of August will also host a multi-day visit by the Kinobus.

News and up-to-date information about events at BB Centrum can be found at http://www.facebook.com/BBCentrum.

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